Have you ever read a book that made you feel better just reading it?  Have you ever read a book that had the right words at the right time to boost your spirits and confidence?  Have you ever read a book that kick-started you into action and reconnected you with your purpose? Splashes of Spirit is that book. Read it and reap.

Jan’s God-given purpose is to SPLASH His love and joy onto everyone. Get ready: You’re about to be SPLASHED!

In a world of increasing stress, everyday bad news, and societal dysfunction, being joyful seems more difficult than ever. Well, help has arrived!  Splashes of Spirit ~ A Guide to Joy provides us the tools to experience “joy” throughout our lives. It’s more than an occasional emotion; it’s a new mindset for a better life.

Jan’s Guide to Joy is a true road map for living life to its fullest.  Her joy is poured onto every page, and her love of God and faith in God’s plan for you is overflowing and infectious.

Jan’s book is warmly accessible to anyone who knows they want to feel more joy in their life but doesn’t know how to begin.  She shares personal stories — her own and others — from a refreshing perspective: Not stories of those who know all the right answers, but rather from those who are asking all the right questions on the road to finding answers that are right for them.

My dear friend, get ready to go on a joy journey with someone who not only embodies it brilliantly, but knows intuitively and skillfully how to guide you to your own. I have been blessed to work with Jan, and she is a light-bearer who infuses and inspires joy organically in those she teaches. This book is full of stories, inspiration, and guidance that will make your inner joy come alive!  I’m so excited for you to experience the refreshing of your spirit, that I know is waiting for you in these pages. Enjoy!